Whoa, nelly. My hairdresser claims that wearing a ponytail the wrong way can put pressure on your head and cause headaches. Continue Reading »


Got stuffy nose?

Stuffy NoseHere’s a trick I discovered in early adolescence: Continue Reading »

black and white

Here’s my favorite Mandiba quote:
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Looking for something sublime yet cheap to fill these long, dark nights of impending winter? Continue Reading »

As a bee seeks nectar from all kinds of flowers, seek teachings everywhere. Continue Reading »

Shri Yoga in Montreal I’m a sucker for a good yoga riff. Give me a short series of stretches that I can keep repeating, spontaneously, any time I feel the urge–and that’s  bliss.  Thanks, Shri Yoga Continue Reading »

Photo: We lost our Mom to it.....Two other family members now suffer through it...A brutally cruel disease...