Is it my imagination or has this fella lost a bit of belly fat?

Normal BMI?
Too much friggin’ trunk fat? Continue Reading »

Onions can be so darn healthy, as long as you choose and use them wisely, but they can also be so darn hard to peel. Sometimes you struggle so much that you end up removing layers of healthy quercetin.     Continue Reading »

Matzoh–the unleavened bread that Jews consume this time of year–can be either your Moses or your Pharoah, depending on how it’s clothed.  Continue Reading »

holistic health tip constipationGot problems with constipation?

Try soaking in a bath with Epsom salts. They fill your pores with magnesium, a mineral that triggers peristalsis. Say what? Continue Reading »

Fukushima salmonFive years after the world’s most recent nuclear disaster, the plume of waters carrying Fukushima’s cesium has started hitting North America’s Pacific northwest. How safe are our fish? Continue Reading »

Open Your Heart for V-Day

open your heart yogaHere’s the best gift you can give yourself and others this Valentine’s Day: Open your heart. Continue Reading »

glowing older party picIs your love affair with computers making you want to party all night? Continue Reading »